Difficult Truths

Journaling 09/08/20

Last night I wanted to pray for the west coast, the states of California, Oregon and Washington. We all know the unrest, violence and chaos that has been occurring there. Add wildfires burning, new ones popping up along the landscape like festering wounds, the infection threatening to spread further and further. The latter is what I intended to concentrate on.

I started to pray for the fires to stop when a verse came to my mind.

Deuteronomy 9:3 Know therefore this day that he who goes over before you as a devouring fire is the LORD your God; he will destroy them and subdue them before you; so you shall drive them out, and make them perish quickly, as the LORD has promised you.

I know that we are in the midst of a spiritual war the likes of which most of us have never before experienced. I understand the concept of principalities, powers, rulers of darkness. I know the globalist agenda, the new world order’s desire to control the world, ushering us into the final end times. I know how the enemy has infiltrated out society, placing people aligned with them into positions of power, influence, control, wealth. I know about the human trafficking networks, the tunnels, underground facilities, the atrocities being done on human beings. I know about the social engineering agenda moving us towards the enemy’s plans, thought processes, behaviors. I know about the mockingbird media, brainwashing and programming. I know about the propagandized media in all its forms being used to turn us away from God, to come into acceptance of the kingdom of darkness. I have prayed against all these things for a number of years now.

I know that what goes on in the spiritual spills over into the natural, both positively and negatively, often mirroring. In other words, it is “possible” that the kingdom of darkness is being hit with Godly spiritual fire and is burning, that God is destroying parts of the enemy’s domain. Initially I saw these fires as a negative, then stopped to consider if these events could be being used by God to bring about good results. Another scripture came to mind.

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Now I’m really confused. I have no idea how to pray. Lord, how do I pray for this? I want to be in your will when I pray but I’m not sure what that is in this situation. I don’t know if this is all bad, all good or a combination of both.

There are times I wish I had a keyboard ready and waiting when the Lord starts talking to me so that I could simply type as I’m hearing Him but alas, I rarely do, and even if I did, I think stopping to type would disrupt the flow of conversation. Therefore I can only paraphrase and condense to the best of my ability what He spoke to me.

Elaine, what is My Will?

I don’t know, that’s the problem.

Elaine, what is My Will? You know My Word. What’s the most important thing?

That all come to salvation; that all learn your Truth and come to salvation; the saving of souls.

Humanity, being what it is, typically does not seek the face of God when they are comfortable, when they have enough food in their belly, when they feel safe, when things are moving along smoothly. For most people, it’s when things are NOT that they begin to seek, look towards something larger than themselves, something of a spiritual nature, something outside of what they see, know or understand. Most people will sit tight, hoping, wishing, praying that things will change without actually taking any action to make said change. It’s not until they no longer can avoid, deny or live with a situation that they are forced to move. Even then, some don’t, literally being consumed by whatever event is swirling around them.

I know every person, I know every face, every name. I’m not just dealing with a situation, I’m working with people, all people. I desire to have a saving relationship with every one.

Both good and bad, those who are aligned with the enemy, those who aren’t. God is working with every single one of these people, attempting to get them to see Truth, to turn to Him, to step out of darkness and into the Light. God is also battling the powers of darkness. For a human mind, it can be difficult to differentiate all these facets circling around one another. But God knows every one, every part, every instance that is going on and is working through all of it, to bring each individual and the entirety to His Will.

So, instead of simply praying for the fires to stop, or for the safety of all, I want to try to pray from the Lord’s perspective, bringing the bigger picture into focus. I mean, are these fires destroying physical parts of the trafficking networks? Are they showing those aligned with the kingdom of darkness that their powers are no match for God’s, and it’s time to repent? Are these fires removing the idols from multitudes of people who worship their “things” instead of God? Are these fires causing people to be unable to look to self for sustenance, protection, shelter? Are these fires spiritually purifying and cleansing these lands saturated with centuries of iniquity, literally the blood of innocents, acre after acre of defilement? Are these events lowering the power level of the enemy? Are these fires being used to break higher entities’ control over these coastal states?

Wow, kinda changes the focus from what I see, to what could be.

Still, I’m a bit confused as to how to pray in this instance. I could go the easy route and ask for His will to be done. But that seemed chintzy, cheap in the face of what is occurring especially when I’d asked a question that He had graciously answered. So, I prayed for it all, that the fires would accomplish what God wants them to, that it would remove all vestiges of the enemy’s works, that it would turn people away from the enemy and towards God, that the enemy’s power was abating, that God’s influence was rising, that there were myriads of people looking at the opposing forces and choosing God, that through the difficulties good would result, that many would turn to God for help, answers, peace, that the forces of evil were getting a good whipping.

How fortuitous that the Lord put this into my inbox for today.

9:50-11:25  Holy Discontentment- If we are seeking the wrong things, then God has to get us moved back on course in order to get us to what He has for us.

Is that part of what is going on in our country, world?

Are we cooperating with His will, His plan or are we working against Him?

Sometimes we need to turn off our auto-pilot, doing the same old things, the easy stuff, what comes readily and put more thought and attention into what we pray. In no way am I saying basic prayer is bad, after all, God knows our hearts even if our words don’t adequately express them. I’m simply saying that it is beneficial to take a deeper, larger look at what’s going on and pray accordingly. My typical prayer sure went a different direction than originally intended but it also led to a conversation with God and some learnin’ on my part.

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